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Western Hypocrisy & Genocide in Yemen

The  staggering level  of silence in  the Western media about the  genocide being committed by  Saudi Arabia and United Arab  Emirates in Yemen,  with  the full and active  military  support and coordination of the U.S.  and U.K.  militaries and arms manufacturers, continues.

When  the situation is  briefly described in the mainstream  media,  we are told-  as though it is a plausible  reason for genocide –  that the Houthis are “Iran-backed”. How exactly Iranian  weapons are being supplied across the Straits of Hormuz through  heavily blockaded Yemen ports  and ships being searched by  armed NATO vessels in  the Gulf;  is not quite explained. Nor is it clarified that in  fact  the Houthi  rebel  faction is in  fact a Sunni  sect ,  not the Iranian Shi-ite sect of Mohammedism. (Note other internet information describes the Houthi sect as a  Zaidi Shi-ite ‘non-twelver’ sect,  and thus also  dissimilar to  Iranian Shi-ite beliefs). However a  key distinguishing feature of  Houthi beliefs, is their rejection of the  extremist Wahhabist Sunni  doctrines espoused by the Saudi  Arabia dictatorship.

So,  while the US  and UK air commands coordinate and provide in flight fueling for  the Saudi  bombing runs  against largely civilian targets,  which has  resulted in likely up  to 10,000  deaths. As Mahamad Bazzi  noted in  the Guardian on 11th  June 2018,  The war has killed at least 10,000 Yemenis ( U.N. estimate from January 2017) and left more than 22 million people –three-quarters of Yemen’s population – in need of humanitarian aid.

What is demonstrated in  bloody clarity,  is the U.S.  and U.K ; supposed paragons of democracy  and freedom, behaving without morals , ethics, human decency or basic human compassion for Yemenese lives,  solely in the interests of money. Cash for armaments,  cash for supporting the corrupt  dictatorship  in  Saudi  Arabia and access to  Saudi  oil ; and cash  from  Israeli sympathisers  to  ensure their brutal  occupation  and theft  of Palestinian land is able to continue indefinitely.  Any action  that  apparently reduces the  power and influence  of Israel’s great  nemesis, Iran,  is something to  be supported!


Houthi Drone Targets Saudi Coalition Military HQ

The Houthis and War in Yemen


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